5 years
with just this in a very narrow room
only to make these
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This website is done by us in acknowledgment of someone's valuable help, support, kindness and to aim helping  Vietnamese
children in child health care and education. Therefore, We would like to express our gratefully acknowledgements to :

  • JICWELS ( Japan International Coorperation Welfare Service ) : Thank you very much to give me schollarship to
    participate " The Eight Clinical Training Course for Asian Practictioner " held in Tokyo, Japan and totally supported us
    during the time we were trained there
  • IMCJ ( International Medical Center of Japan ) :  where I was trained on clinical work in department of  Pediatrics, NICU
    and  in HU ( Hemodialysis Unit )
  • JICA ( Japan International Corporation Agency) : we thank to the help and responsible teaching from some doctors in JICA.
  • Tokyo Metropolitant Children's Hospital : Where I was trained all about Pediatric Nephrology, Hemodialysis , Peritoneal
  • Tokyo women College Hospital : Where I learnt a lot about the perfect model of an NICU.

We woul like to thank for the support of some co-ordinators from JICWELS during the time I paticipated " The Eight Clinical
Trainning Course" in Tokyo : Mrs. R Ikezawa, Mr. K Ishii, Mr. M Yamamoto , Mr.S Kansaku.  

I am greatly indebted to Matsushita Takeji, MD ( Director of department of Pediatrics, IMCJ ) and his family, who has taught me
lots of knowledge and support me as a member of their own family when I was in Tokyo.

We are also indebted to Dr. Hirofumi Miezawa ( NICU, IMCJ ), Dr. Shigeki  Saima ( HU, IMCJ ), Dr. Shuzo Kanagawa ( JICA ), Dr.
Akira Muraoka ( JICA ) who taught us many knowledge since I first came to Japan and learned about advance medicine.

We are extremely grateful to Prof. Hiroshi Nishida, Associate Prof. Masaya Oishi and other staffs of Tokyo women College
Hospital. Who have shown and taught me the perfect model of NICU that let me learned to respect the neonates and gain the
hope from them and the works for them as Professor told me once.

We would like to express our respectfullness and special gratefulness to Dr. Masataka Honda ( The Director of Pediatrics and
Pediatric Nephrology, Tokyo Metropolitant Children's Hospital ) , Dr. Yuriko Tanaka who did taught me all the things about
Nephrology and Peritoneal dialysis /  hemodialysis  and support me with their kindness, hospitality and enthusiasm. Our  grateful
thanks also extend to Dr. Noriko Tatsumma , Prof. T. Nagai, Dr. J Miyamoto, Dr. Hataya, Dr. Ken, Dr. Sakazuma, Dr. Iwata and other
staffs in the unit.

We owe a debt of gratitude to JSPS ( Japan Society for the Promotion of Science ), Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto Sangyo
University Internatinal Guest House, and especially to Professor Mikio Tsuji , who have given us a chance to be in Kyoto and study
there when my husband got Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers from JSPS and worked with Prof. Mikio Tsuji

We would be eternally grateful for the kind teaching, helping in advance medicine, research-clinical works to :
    Professor  Tatsutoshi Nakahata   (MD, PhD)
    Associate Professor  Toshio Heike  (MD, PhD)
    Assistant  Professor  Souichi Adachi  (MD, PhD)
    Associate Professor  Masaru Kubota  (MD, PhD)
    Associate Professor  S. Hosoi  (MD, PhD)
    Assistant  Professors: T. Yorifuji (MD, PhD), M. Hattori ( MD, PhD), T. Kusunoki (MD, PhD), K. Katamura (MD, PhD),
    K Watanabe (MD, PhD), Kawai M (MD, PhD)
    and the other Assistant  Professors, Suppervisers, Lecturers of Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Kyoto

I am deeply indebted to Respectable Professor  Tatsutoshi Nakahata, Associate Professor  Toshio Heike, and Assistant  
Professor  Souichi Adachi ( my supervisor ) who are so kind in teaching, instructing, supporting us when I studied in Kyoto
Many special thanks for your kind help to all of you  in Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Kyoto University : Masahiro
Tsuji (MD, PhD), K. Hamahata (MD, PhD), M. Okada (MD, PhD), T Imay (MD, PhD), K. Omura (MD, PhD), Meguro TA ( MD, PhD), Iida M
(MD, PhD), Yoshimoto M (MD, PhD), Hiramatsu H (MD, PhD), Yasumi T(MD, PhD), K.Umeda (MD, PhD), T. Kato (MD, PhD), Nagato M
(MD, PhD), Taniguchi (MD, PhD), Iwai-Kanai E (MD, PhD) … and the other graduate students, residents and doctors

We also wish to acknowledge the support of the following :
Assistant  Professor  KyunIl Park and the family
Maya Foundation, Dr. Hiroshi Maya and Dr. Hiroshi Ito, Mrs. Machiko Iida
Dr. Hiramoto Michiaki

We would like to give our special thanks to Kyoto Primary school attached to Kyoto University of Education, where My son went
to in grade II & III. Our thanks extend to Mr.  Kunihiro Matsuda, Mr. Toda, Who have taught my son Japanese and knowledge.

We would like to express many special thanks to all the authors of  The Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics and the websites of  
Nemous Foundation , emedicine & mayoclinic... that have given us much inspiration and information.

Our special thanks also go to Hue University,  Especially to our respectable teacher, Dr. Le Van Bach, Dr. Hoang Trong Chau, Prof.
Nguyen Văn Thai, Prof. Le Ba Nhan and all of our teachers, the doctors and nurses of department of pediatrics.

Many special thanks also due to Neonatal Unit of Vietnam National Hospital Of Pediatrics, to Dr. To Thi Thanh Huong, Dr. Khu Thi
Khanh Dung and Prof. Chu Van Tuong, Prof. Nguyen Cong khanh, Prof. Le Nam Tra.

Our sincere thanks to Department of Pediatrics, Danang Hospital, to Dr. Nguyen Cuoc, Dr. Vo Thi Cong, Dr. Trinh Luong Tran,       
Dr. Nguyen Tang Mien, Dr. Nguyen Huu Phung, all my seniors and colleages in the department.

I would like to express my gratitude to my teachers:  Mr. Tran Duong and his family, who taught and help me a lot when I was in
High school; and Mrs. Nguyen Viet Luu, who was so kind to us when I was in Junior high school.

I gratefully acknowledge my Parents, my father : Nguyen Nga and my mother : Pham Tran Thi Lieu, who have raised and educated
me till I'd grown up and always stay by my side, support me  and share with me all the happiness and troubles. Our sincere
thanks to my brothers, my sisters, my nephews, my nieces who have helped  and shared with me when I was so down.

I would like to express my love and special gratefulness to my son and my husband who are always available by my side to help
and support me, contribute to our work, and always share with me the real tough  life of mine.

We would like to deeply thank the various people & children who don’t want to show their name but their kindness to the kids,
this community, to us and to themselve during the years in which this endeavor lasted to  accomplish these tasks. Ofcourse, of
these, there're some talented artists with their beautiful voice. Thanks god for giving them wonderful vocal and thank for the
music that encourrage us much those tough days.  

Finally, We thanks for any one’s kind consideration to our work. We also looking forward to hearing from your feedback.

On behalf of  Our Family and Our Foundation,
Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Van
Tel     : 0953643293  
email : ngthithuvan1965@sdvworkshop.net
This is just a NGO of a family of three, including :
    Nguyen Thi Thu Van, MD- Director
    Nguyen Duy Trung Duong, Student of  Danang University - Vice Director
    Nguyen Duy Thai Son, PhD-  Teacher of “Le Quy Don”  high school, Vice Director
We aim to help children with all what we can and we are on our way. This website is one our very desired works since it would
be very helpful for all, or even for children and ordinary Vietnamese in upgrading their knowledge themselve on child health care
and education.
Thank you for your concern and any kind help.

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